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Whats going on with the acquisition of lodging for orphans on the territory of Perm region? The orphans, having the out-of-turn to lodging, have been waiting for it for about 15 years!
Meanwhile the territorial authority reported monthly on allocated hundreds of millions rubles by both the state budget and the territorial authority for these purposes. The figures about happy orphans having got the lodging are recorded in their reports. But whats the real situation?


While writing the article I had to come across with craving the authority is trying to report properly on a tragic situation. But Golovinas incident touches most of all. Shes been an orphan since 1993. She grew up in the orphanage, later she got a profession of a house painter and plasterer in the college. She had the right to out-of-turn lodging. But she had lived in rental apartments, hostels. She gave birth to a child when she lived in one of those poky little rooms. The trusteeship committee visited her that day when the tubing was broken through and a small room was like a hothouse. The child was taken to the orphanage at once. The girl was adopted there. Here we see that the housing authority didnt fulfill its commitments and by the same reason it deprived the person of her child. Our life is more tragic than in any melodrama.

The situation analysis
According to the latest information of Social Development Fund in our region 2388 orphans and children, who arent in the charge of their parents, are waiting for the out-of turn lodging. On 20 January, 2011 the chairman of Perm region authority stated that the general demand for finances to settle an issue is 2, 5 billions of rubles; that is approximately 47000 of rubles per orphan.
It was noticed long ago that the regional authority is a great dreamer when the point is in abstract figures. At the same time even if they hardly deal with the concrete issues, they do it cynically.
For example, there is a press release of Social Development Fund published in a great number of newspapers at the end of 2010: About 570 orphans will get the lodgment in 2010 For these purposes the territorial budget allocated 245 millions of rubles in 2010. If one divides this sum by 570 lucky orphans it turns out for about 480000 of rubles per person.
Pay attention to the fact that the average sum of finances for home acquisition has already been reduced to more than 2 times.

Nevertheless as it turns out the figures are also false in a press release. 150 millions of rubles out of these finances were allotted to the lodgment at the end of 2010. This sum wasnt spent on time. According to one of the points of view 168 certificates to this sum were given out to the penniless; 77 out of them were implemented. According to another point of view this money was directed to the local government authority for the legal decision of home acquisition for orphans. Where are the purchased apartments if there is a huge number of unimplemented judgments left in our region?
In point of fact 100 millions of rubles were spent to home acquisition for orphans in 2010. This is 30 millions less than in 2009. Last year only 269 people got either the apartment or money; that is only 1 out of all 9 orphans.
According to the mentioned figures 300 millions of rubles are allotted to 900 people in the current year. Its 330000 of rubles per person. What an orphan can buy to this sum a corridor and lavatory?

Natalya Golovina proves to be in a number of those who got a 10 square meters room in a two-room apartment. But she is afraid of living there since her flat mate is a violent drunkard who offends the woman. The poor suggests her to sell the room without realizing thats impossible to sell it because the room is allotted under the social rent contract. At present Natalya lives with her friends.


The situation analysis showed that the absolute number of orphans live only with flat mates in ordinary apartments. Definitely it proves to be cheaper for the authority. The number of communal apartments which lead to everyday and even criminal conflicts between neighbors is increasing with the help of territorial and municipal authorities.
The authority is trying to provide as many orphans as possible with homes in the small amount of money. It closes its eyes to social and criminal consequences of such deeds.

Even orphans, at least a majority of them, realize what conditions they are provided with. At present there are 220 won cases related to the out-of-turn home provision in Perm region. But the decisions havent been implemented yet by the local authority. In the nearest future the number of lawsuits and, consequently, judgments will be increasing for benefit of orphans. According to the federal law the local authorities are obliged to provide orphans with the lodgment at the expense of the territorial and state budget. The waiting list of the out-of-turn lodgment under the court decisions already exists and it will be increasing.

The current issue will have been settled only during 10 - 12 years under this approach and tempo even due to the most optimistic estimates. Every year people, having the housing rights, are added to the rest of orphans. There are 365 orphans only in orphanages of Perm region. One couldnt even tell how many orphans are in the foster families.

Vasilii Moseev. 25 January, 2011

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