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300 thousand rubles for tuberculosis

That's the very sum which was decided to exact by the Motoviliha District Court (Perm city) from the Russian Federation National Treasury in favor of Denis Apkin by reason of improper living conditions in a remand prison 1 (further Pre-trial Detention Center-1).

In the Pre-trial Detention Center Denis had been from November 2005 to March 2006. The living conditions didn't conform with the established regulations: Denis fell ill with tuberculosis after 4 months of being there.

Denis Apkin's interests are presented by the attorney for defence of Perm Regional Human Rights Protection Center.

Perm Regional Human Rights Protection Center already mentioned about the incidents related to living conditions in the Pre-trial Detention Center-1. See the site prpc.ru with materials since 21.02.2009 "Treatment in exchange with the frank confession", 21.02.2009 (21.02.09 "Лечение в обмен на чистосердечное признание"), "How people die from pneumonia in Perm region", 26.03.2009. ( 26.03.09 "Как в Пермском крае умирают от пневмонии"), "Peculiarities of regional life rescue of the dying", 12.03.2009.(12.03.09 "Об особенностях регионального спасения жизни умирающих"), "Dimitri Smirnov's death are tried to hush up", 12.05.2009. (12.05.09 "Смерть Дмитрия Смирнова пытаются «замять»"), "The terrifying incident would have been recurred". 30.11.2009. (30.11.09 "Жуткая история могла бы повториться").

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Placed: 26.01.2010

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