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6 000 rubles for the slippery floor

A Perm dweller settled a dispute juridically. The administration of a cafe paid the woman 6 000 rubles for having fallen on the slippery floor.

When the woman came into the Cafe "The Full Tummy" (the name of the cafe and also the names of participants are changed considering determination a controversy), she couldn't imagine that her visit would turn into the damage of her elbow joint, bruise and a broken laptop.

Helen slipped on the floor after the moist cleaning. The administration of the cafe wasn't concerned with the sign board like "Moist Cleaning" or "Watch out, slippery floor", but nevertheless it persisted in its innocence. Helen applied to the traumatology center, where the damage to her health was fixed and the forensic medical examination report was drawn up, and also she took her laptop to repair where she was given a corresponding receipt. Besides it took her 6 000 rubles to repair the laptop. Later Helen made a complaint about settling the dispute at the pre-trial order where she stated the circumstances of the incident. Besides she found out there is a video surveillance and demanded the recording of her fall; this fact was also mentioned in the complaint. Having added all these receipts and statements to the drawn up document, the woman applied it to the administration of the cafe and suggested to repay the material and moral harm.

The administration believed it would be cheaper to check the dispute in the bud and paid the expenses to Helen. It took Helen a week for all this.

There are lots of people found out in such cases; they often don't know what to do and who they must apply to. Let it be the guide for action to them.

Press-secretary of Perm Regional Human Rights Centre (PRPC)
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e-mail: center@prpc.ru, press.prpc@yandex.ru

Placed: 22.10.2010

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