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The interesting notes about work of some judges

The appeal to the judge Lehtinas decision of the Gubaha City Court was considered and approved at the Perm District Court in October, 28. Earlier the judge Lehtina with her decision deprived an infirm of the possibility to discharge from a prison.

According to the decision of the prisoners, afflicted with infiltrative tuberculosis with advanced pneumocardial insufficiency has a right to be discharged earlier by reason of his or her disease.

A prisoner Vladimir Shapovalov has been ill with infiltrative tuberculosis for 6 years; hes a lifelong handicapped person; he has the lungs degradation and the resistance to 6 necessary drugs. Nevertheless, the health authorities of a prison considered a prisoner able to serve a further sentence.

An attorney for defence of Perm Regional Human Rights Center was ready to appeal the decision in court.

By the start of a trial which had been at the Gubaha City Court chaired by the judge Lehtina, the motion about the appointment of the forensic medical examination was drawn up by the attorney of PRHC. But the Court decided to act according her its own logic. For example, the court considered it enough to have a doctors examination, who was unaware of either Vladimir Shapovalov or the medical history.

The doctor even didnt know the diagnosis of Vladimirs disease. To the question that had been asked by the judge if Shapovalov had a sign of advanced pneumocardial insufficiency, he answered that the doctor didnt know because he wasnt his doctor in charge. The motion was supported by everybody: a prosecutor and even by the colony authorities. But the court declined the appointment of the forensic medical examination. At the trial there was no any justificative reason of the decision, and in the written decision the reason was also too formal! There are findings of the medical board drawn up according to form seal, there are no causes not to trust the findings. Furthermore the judge Lehtina unreasonably postponed the consideration of the appeal to her own decision. Thus a complaint was filed to a court chairman of the Gubaha City Court.

Maria Gaschenko, the attorney of PRHC comments upon this case: From my point of view the court manifested its incompetence. Whats more it seems the court even isnt interested in handling the case.

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Placed: 28.10.2010

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