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50 000 and 100 000

The indemnity was increased for a mother and her son living in an unexisted house. Human Rights Protection Center reported in October this year that the administration of the countryside Lobanovo hasn't been complying the decision of the Perm District Court to provide Ludmila Nickolaevna Ivanova and her juvenile son with the decent single-room dwelling during 7,5 years.

All this time the mother and her son have lived in a house of 1908 which is under the threat of collapse and which was already written off from the administration of the countryside Lobanovo by reason of deterioration in 1995. The Perm District Court obliged the administration of Lobanovo to pay compensation of moral harm to Ivanova in the amount of 20 000 rouble for failure to implement the court decision. See the site prpc.ru about the material since 08.10.2010 "20 000 for affliction". According to the lawers' opinions of Perm Regional Human Rights Protection Center such compensation doesn't commensurate with the committed violation.

This decision was appealed at the Perm District Court. According to the judicial decision the compensation for moral harm was allocated only to mother. At present the compensation is allocated to both of them in the amount of 50 000 roubles, and mother's indemnity is increased to 100 000 roubles. As for the provision of an apartment, the issue is still opened.

From PRPC lawers' point of view the malignant violation of the judicial decision does exist. Such state of affairs puzzles because the competent law enforcement authority hasn't taken measures yet to indict criminally the Lobanovo administration. In this case it's important to take measures.

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Placed: 25.11.2010

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