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An Executive director of "Perm Fair" was convicted for attack on a bear

On 17 December, 2010 Daniel Fadeev, the executive director of the exhibition center the "Perm Fair" was accused of attack on a Perm ecologist, Roman Yushkov in the course of the last exhibition "The hunter and fisher". The judgment was given by the Motoviliha District Court in Perm. Fadeev was obliged to pay a fine (3 000 rubles) and also to pay compensation of moral damage - 3 000 rubles to Yushkov.

We would remind you that on 24 April, 2009 the animal rights activists came to the exhibition the "Hunter and fisher" to protest against the cruel barbaric killing of wild animals because of leisure interest. The movement was arranged by the Group "For Animals Protection"; the point was that the bear costume was too large; therefore Roman Yushkov was asked to act the bear's part. However the scenario of the show was disturbed by reason of the executive director's interference. In court the witnesses pointed out that Fadeev's actions were inadequate: at the moment when Yushkov was kneeling, Fadeev rose up and kicked on Yushkov's face. Consequently the ecologist got a perforating wound of the right cheek. "I don't know what happened to him", says Roman Yushkov, - "he might have realized that I couldn't fight back and fight at all; nevertheless he kept on doing it without delay+ I tried to talk to him but he completely went nuts. That was psychopathy+"

In trial proceedings Fadeev confessed he had been furious by the intrusion to the exhibition and he tried to kick Yushkov again and again; fortunately the ecologist managed to defend himself against the kicks. The decision was passed by the appellate instance. The judge Zchuravlev of the Motoviliha District Court revoked the decision passed on September by the judge Pankova, who was sure that Fadeev attacked Yushkov for the purpose of necessary defence. Yushkov was supported as an accuser by the lawyers of Perm Regional Human Rights Protection Center, Pavel Levashyn and Mariia Gaschenko.

Press service of the Group "For Animals Protection"
Tel. 8-902-471-42-29

Placed: 17.12.2010

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