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Incorrect diagnosis led to death

Ibrahim Dadaev died on February, 3. The imprisoned died because a doctor made an incorrect diagnosis in Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-7 of the penal colony. Having the documents issued by Regional Antituberculous Clinical Dispensary 1 "Phthisiopulmonology" Dadaev's relatives stated that Dadaev received treatment from cerebral stroke instead of meningitis as a consequence of tuberculosis in the penal colony.

We would remind you that it managed to discharge Ibrahim Dadaev and take him to Regional Antituberculous Clinical Dispensary in Perm. Read the materials "Due to joint efforts of Head Department of Punishment Execution Service in Perm region and human rights activists one can save your life" since 01.02.11.

Ibrahim had been in coma for several days before his discharge. Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-7's authority refused to take Dadaev to the public hospital and to discharge him referring to the fact that his diagnosis (infiltrative tuberculosis and cerebral stroke) wasn't in the list of diseases wherein the imprisoned had a right to early release.

It proved to be Ibrahim hadn't had the stroke but meningitis. Besides this disease is the first in the list of disorders wherein the imprisoned must be early released.

In the future Perm Regional Human Rights Centre and Head Department of Punishment Executions Federal Service are going to analyze the medical documents. If the facts are affirmed, there will be an issue concerning bringing to trial the Regional Tuberculosis Hospital's authority of the penal colony and the doctor in charge for withholding medical aid to the patient, or the reckless infliction of injury, or arbitrariness.

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Placed 4.02.2011

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