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10,000 rubles for "not presentable appearance"

Fitness club refused employment to a woman on the grounds that she "looks not presentable". In response, in April 2011, a woman sued a fitness club for 10,000 rubles.

Irina Volkova (name changed) is registered at the employment center of Dzerzhinsky district. On April 1, 2010 the center of employment sent her for an interview for an administrator position to the fitness club "Profitnes". The employer explained that Irina’s age is not appropriate for the position. Irina asked the interviewer to mark down the reason for the denial of employment in the paper that the employment agency provided her with. As stated in the petition, the administrator went somewhere and then returned the document to Irina with the notation "not presentable appearance".

The actions of the fitness club not only mortified honor and dignity of the person, but also violated Article 37 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as 3 and 64 articles of the Labor Code. According to the listed regulations, every Russian citizen has an equal opportunity to exercise their labor rights, prohibits unjustified refusal to conclude a labor contract. "Not presentable appearance" does not serve as grounds for the denial of employment.

On the April 2011, justice was restored in court. The court ordered a fitness club to pay Irina 10,000 rubles for the moral damages.

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Perm Regional Human Rights Center
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Posted on 04/18/2011

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