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The victory over the employer by the union

Laid-off workers - members of the trade union committee of the company "Radius-Service" reinstated by the court decision.

Representatives of the "Radius-Service" company contacted the Perm Regional Human Rights Center. Sometime ago the union appeared in the company and began actively defend its position and protect the rights of the workers. In particular, lawsuits were filed against the employer relating to the violations of the wages’ levels and non-compliance with the health protection standards on the work place. In response to the activities of the trade union committee, the management suppressed its employees, and finally all of the employees were fired. Laid-off workers, finding the dismissal unfair, went to the court.

On the April 15, the Perm District Court found a violation in the actions of the "Radius-Service" and ordered the company's management to reinstate dismissed trade union committee members.

It is important to note, that the management is against the formation of the union within the company, and if this situation will not change, litigation will continue.

Press Secretary
Perm Regional Human Rights Center
Phone 212-90-01, e-mail: center@prpc.ru

Posted on 04/18/2011

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