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Finally - an apartment!

To a woman with a young child, who was waiting for an apartment for 8 years and who was living all this time in an emergency, uninhabitable house, finally, was provided comfortable housing.

For 7.5 years the administration of village Lobanovo, was not executing the decision of the Perm district court to provide comfortable one-room apartment to Ivanova Ludmila Nikolaevna and her young son. All this time the mother and son lived in the emergency house built in 1908, which was deducted from the balance of village administration Lobanovo in 1995 due to complete wear. For non-execution of judicial decisions Perm district court ordered the administration of the rural settlement Lobanovo to pay Ms. Ivanova compensation for moral damages. With regard to her apartment, the question was still remaining open.

From the perspective of lawyers of PRHRC this fact willful failure to a court decision, for it was necessary to prosecute the administration of Lobanovo rural settlement.

Now, the officials are ready to give the mother and baby comfortable housing. Currently, Ludmila has already received the keys to the apartment.

Perm Regional Human Rights Center repeatedly informed about this story on the site and in the newspaper "For the Man": "Pay for non-solutions", "20 000 for the ordeals", "50 000 and 100 000".

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Perm Regional Human Rights Center
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Posted on October 13, 2011

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