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Non-executable judgments pays twice

Non-executable – Administration of Lobanovskiy rural settlement. For non-performance of a court decision on moral damages during the year, the administration will pay for moral damages for a second time.

This decision was announced yesterday by the Perm district court. Compensation amounting to 10,000 and 5,000 was awarded to Ludmila Ivanova and her son because the administration of Lobanovskiy rural settlement has not performed a judicial decision on moral damages in the amount of 100 000 and 50 000 during the year. Such amounts at one time were given for the fact that a woman with a young child was expecting an owed ??by her and by the court decision decent housing for 10 years. In a meanwhile, she and her son lived in an emergency and by documents non-existent home.

The Human Rights Center has repeatedly reported on outswing of the story, and about that Lyudmila Ivanova and his son finally got new apartment. Read the materials on our website: "Finally - an apartment", "Pay for non-solutions", "20 000 for the ordeals", "50 000 and 100 000".

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Posted on November 1, 2011

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