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An orphan received housing - the government of Perm Region dissatisfied

Today, November 8, Lenin District Court read out the operative part of the solution, according to which Sergey Aleshin - an orphan who has a family and the child, and who should receive housing area not less than 54 square meters. The Government of Perm disagrees.

Perm Regional Human Rights Center reported that Sergey Aleshin, waited 11 years for a housing due to him under the law of housing (see material on our website on September 27, "How to solve the housing problems of orphans"). During this time, Sergei appeared wife and child, and now the court ordered the government of Perm Region Administration and the city of Perm to provide Sergey Aleshin apartment at least 54 square meters of 18 square calculations per family member, if it consists of three or more people. The practice of judicial decisions was formed in the Perm Regional Court that a family accommodation is provided based on the number of family members.

However, this state of affairs displeased the government of Perm Region, that believes that housing should be granted from the calculation for one person only - an orphan, without taking into account his family. The government intends to break the practice of the Perm Regional Court, and is ready to file an appeal against the decision of the Leninsky district court, which so generously decided to endow an orphan his promised housing.

"This position of the Government of the Perm region - says lawyer of the Perm Regional Human Rights Center Levashin Pavel Y. - contradicts not only common sense, but also the Constitution, and declared socially oriented policy of the state".

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Perm Regional Human Rights Center
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Posted on November 8, 2011

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